Marvin Scott to re-cap his trip to Afghanistan

Posted: Saturday, December 27, 2014

NECO's good friend Marvin Scott, '94, not only serves as a co-host to our Ellis Island Medals of Honorceremony each May, he also keeps NECO and our Medalists involved as he travels overseas bringing Season's Greetings to our brave soldiers.

As you can see in our last post, Marvin delivered many gifts, including 200 musical 'GI Teddy Bears' which were personally donated by our Chairman Nasser J. Kazeminy. Tonight, December 27th at 10PM EST, Marvin will give a full re-cap of his trip and thank NECO for their support. Be sure to watch if you're in the Tri-State area.

If you're not able to watch tonight, follow this link to WPIX11 and their earlier video coverage of Marvin's trip.

Congratulations on your wonderful trip Marvin!